Billions Season 6: Know About the Exciting Series

Billions Season 6

Billions Season 6 is an American television drama series, where powerful billionaires Chuck Rhoades and Bobby Axelrod try to surpass each other in financial market and thereafter come many rivals to seek revenge, including Mike Prince (by Corey Stoll). Billions is created by Brian Koppelman, David Levien, and Andrew Ross Sorkin, starring Paul Giamatti (as Chuck Rhoades) and Damian Lewis (as Bobby Axelrod). Here is everything you need to know about Billions Season 6.

Billions (Plot summary of every season 1-5)

Billions Season 6

Let’s us look into the plot summary of Billions seasons until now.

  • Season 1: It aired from January 17 to April 10, 2016 on Showtime and consisted of 12 episodes. It shows two insatiable power plays, fund titan Bobby Axelrod and Us Attorney Chuck Rhoades engage in an egoistic battle with each other. They play a dangerous, winner-take-all game of cat and mouse where the stakes run into ten figures, while Rhoades has his own risqué behavior.
  • Season 2: It consisted of again 12 episodes, which aired from February 19 to May 7, 2017 on Showtime. After being adeptly defeated by Chuck Rhoades, Bobby ‘Axe’ Axelrod tries to up his game and take on ruthless US attorney Rhoades to exact his revenge. Axe’s moves become quite aggressive to be handled by Chuck Rhoades as he finds himself under investigation. But this insolent prosecutor still has his cards to play and its not long until Axe realizes learns that money can’t buy everything- or rather everyone.
  • Season 3: It too consisted of 12 episodes running from March 25 to June 10, 2018 on Showtime. Now that the war between Axe and Rhoades has gone way too far and there’s no looking back, nor do they want to, they both have gone nuclear and the result could be destructive. They have already crossed many lines and destroyed too many lives. Now, their own goal is self-preservation but the question is when loyalty is bought and sold, who are they supposed to trust?
  • Season 4: This season aired from March 17 to July 9, 2019 on Showtime. This season took a complete turn in every relation formed up until now. The greatest enemies Bobby Axelrod and Chuck Rhoades, along with Wendy Rhoades form an a very unusual impossible but effective alliance in order to counterattack their rivals’ revenge and wipe them out, including Taylor Mason, Bryan Connerty, Grigor Andolov and Waylon Jeffcoat. All the characters find out how much it costs to satisfy their ambitions.
  • Season 5: It premiered from May 3, 2020 on Showtime but could air only 7 episodes due to pandemic. The rest of the five installments were in 2021 and rolled out starting on September 5. This season came the entry of Mike Prince as a big rival of Axe, and allied with Chuck, who finally has Axe on the verge on the arrest but gets betrayed by Mike Prince as he buys the Axe Cap. Axelrod flees to Switzerland while Wendy, Taylor and Wags are stuck with Mike Prince, working for him, as he now becomes Chuck’s new target.
Billions Season 6

Billions IMDb ratings

Billions IMDb rating is 8.4/10 rated by 85k users. It received many positive revies from the audience along with some critic reviews such as “In Billions, money isn’t money, but a scorecard signifying a theoretically cold and objective qualification of bitterness and one-upmanship.”

Billions Season 6 Release Date

Here is all you want to know about Billions Season 6.

As Billions season 5 wrapped up on October 3, the story is all set to continue after just a few months wait. Billions Season 6 release date is January 24, 2022 and will premiere on Showtime network. It will have its episodes streaming on Prime Video, YouTube TV and Hulu with Live TV.

Billions Season 6 Trailer

Billions Season 6

Billions Season 6 official Trailer came out on 10 December, 2021. As the trailer says,” Its not about one billionaire, its about the billionaire class”, and Wendy, Wags and Taylor get themselves together to get ready in working with Mike Prince, who treats his players fairly, but not equally, they find Mike Prince is trying to steer the Olympics to the city. There’s going to be a revolution, forces will be rallied and scores will be settled.

Everyone is eagerly waiting for the show Billions Season 6 to premiere on Jan 23 and have amazing Sunday nights ahead.

Billions Season 6 Cast

Billions Season 5 came to an end with Damian Lewis, who played the role of Bobby Axelrod, quitting the series and here’s the final cast of season 6:

  • Paul Giamatti (playing the role of Chuck Rhoades)- He plays the role of ruthless US attorney who originally gets into an egoistic battle with Bobby Axelrod as they both try to outshine each other in the financial market.
  • Maggie Stiff (playing the role of Wendy Rhoades)- She plays the wife of Chuck Rhoades, is extremely successful and has a strong relationship with her boss, Axelrod.
  • David Costabile (playing the role of Mike “Wags” Wagner)- He is the COO of Axe Capital and Axelrod’s right-hand man.
  • Condola Rashād (playing the role of Kate Sacker)- She is a former head of crime and Assistant US Attorney, whose ultimate goal is to be the President of the United States. She is now attorney in Rhoades’ office and is just waiting patiently for her opportunity to run for Congress.
  • Asia Kate Dillion (playing the role of Taylor Amber Mason)- She is an amazing financial analyst who works at Axe Capital and later is even appointed as the CIO of Axe Capital. She along with Axelrod leave to form Taylor Mason Capital, which is later merged in Axe Capital as a subsidiary in-house fund.
  • Jeffery DeMunn (playing the role of Charles Rhoades)- He plays the role of Chuck’s father, a well-connected filthy rich state power player who often uses his position to meddle in his son’s affairs.
  • Kelly AuCoin (“Dollar” Bill Stream)- He is a portfolio manager at Axe Capital and is so loyal to Axelrod that he can even get himself incriminated for him. AuCoin quotes his own character as “the cheapest millionaire in America.”

And now the new cast members of Billions Season 6 are:

Billions Season 6
  • Corey Stoll (playing the role of Michael Thomas Aquinius Prince) – He joined Billions season 5 as another self-made billionaire and a new threat to Axelrod, who allies with Chuck Rhoades who by season 6 has taken over Axe Capital and buys it in order to make Axelrod run away for his law case.
  • Daniel Breaker (playing the role of Roger ‘Scooter’ Dunbar)- He also joined Billions season 5 as a guest character as Mike Prince’s right hand and now has been upped as a main character for season 6.


Billions Season 6 is coming, the last season of Billions, go and watch out the trailer and get ready to have amazing Sunday

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