Blood Red Sky: Want to Know Everything About the Movie

Blood Red Sky Critical Review by Mingbuzz Team

Blood Red Sky is a 2021 action horror film directed by Peter Thorwarth released on the popular streaming service Netflix. Blood Red Sky release date is on 23rd July 2021 and it is one among the 71 Netflix originals of the year. The movie was scheduled to be released earlier on but the pandemic had stalled the release date. With an average rating of 6.8, there are mixed reviews that are surfacing for the blood red sky movie. The vampire storyline has sure attracted the genre enthusiast towards it and has gotten a promising start.

The phenomenal plot-line of theirs horror movie is brilliantly directed by Thorwarth with sharp twists and turns. The protagonist Nadja is a single mother who is traveling in a plane to get her leukemia “ condition” treatment with her one and only son “ Elias”. There is a dark secret that Nadja has held on to and with the plane being hijacked by a group of a terrorist she has come out of the shell.

The entire focus of the Blood Red Sky movie shifts to the character of Nadja who is a vampire and is ready to feast on all these hijacker men. The bonding of Nadja and Elias is sure a heartwarming one. Blood Red Sky German language film has been on the top 10 list of Netflix for over a week now.

Who all are in the movie: Blood Red Sky?

Blood Red Sky Critical Review by Mingbuzz Team

As the movie is dual language inclusivity of both English and German a similar pattern is exhibited in the talent pool. Peri Baumeister for the role of Nadja, Carl Anton Koch as Elias, Kais setti, Kai Ivo Baulitz, Alexander Scheer, Graham Mc tavish, Dominic Purcell, Roland Moller are all the Blood Red Sky cast members.

Critical acclaim and ratings of Blood Red Sky

Blood Red Sky Critical Review by Mingbuzz Team

The Blood Red Sky movie has received mixed reviews overall. Even though the movie plot is the highlight, the setting of action scenes in the dim lighting seems to be a critical comment that most of the viewers seem to share. Reviewer in the IMDB has termed it as a suspense action film with an amalgamation of both German and English.

The depth of bonding between the mother and son duo was widely accepted and has invoked emotional expressions like tears from some viewers. The movie is certain to leave people with an impact. The ending has also left the viewers teary-eyed and quite in disbelief but that for sure is the reason for the intensity of the emotionalism of the movie.

Production of Blood Red Sky

The movie was initially decided to be named Transatlantic 473 but was temporarily shut down during the production period in Prague following the pandemic and then the shooting was resumed with a brand new name and concept which got released on 23rd July.

The plot (with spoilers ahead)

Blood Red Sky Critical Review by Mingbuzz Team

This suspense thriller is an intense movie with a supernatural twist to it. The mother and son board the transatlantic flight from Germany to the USA. The mother( Nadja) is shown to be battling an unknown illness and is very weak but clung on to her son who she never lets out of sight. This woman’s entire aura changes when the flight is being hijacked by a group of terrorists for monetary benefits.

Nadja hides a part of her just inside and keeps her son close but things start taking an ugly turn when she is shot by the terrorists while she is trying to save her son. The scenes where she is shown to regain consciousness are the points where the movie takes a super intense vampiric twist. Her eyes and fangs that she has been hiding beneath her lenses and dental apertures are shown to just be removed. The movie moves on to become total bloodshed of people while the mom is trying to save her only son and trying to land the flight with every on borders safe.  

The boy’s character is shown to be noble and pure and is baffled by his mother’s change and monstrosity. The backstory of how she has turned into this monster is also very touching and the emotional bond and connection are the second best thing in this movie. The focus laid on the mother son duo and their emotional connection sometimes feel more than necessary it shifts from the main concept but that is what has given the movie the punch on a whole.

Blood Red Sky Climax

Blood Red Sky Critical Review by Mingbuzz Team

The climax of the movie is again on the sacrificial side of a mother who would go to any needs to save her child and to fight with this inner demon she has been dealing with and slyly keeping from the world. The dilemma to show a very nurturing and caring side to the child is also beautifully shown through the climax scene. It is hard to push through the ending scenes without getting teary-eyed, something we might not expect out of a vampire blood splashing movie. That is the brilliant twist that Peter has been able to provide.

The actors have done a wonderful job of expressing the emotions at the rig time in the right way. Even the son character is just played so subtle but effective. It has gruesome blood splashing scenes and might even have a trigger warning for some but that is not all that the movie has to offer and that makes this movie different from the usual movies of this genre in Hollywood.

The movie had replaced the infamous Twilight Saga and became number one with wild social media posts about the same. So be sure to check out this edge-the-seat thriller on Netflix. The movie has so much more than any typical cliche and it is bound to keep your heart rate high with twists and turns of its own. Peter Thorwarth has done a splendid job of direction with every actor playing their part to the absolute best of their ability. Don’t miss the Blood Red Sky on Netflix this year.

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