Crazy Love: Know Everything about the upcoming K-drama Now

Crazy Love

On July 27, entertainment representatives told the Korean media outlets that Krystal Jung and Kim Jae Wook will appear in the new drama “crazy love”. 

How has 2022 treated you people so far? Better or worse? Still, locked up inside your homes or out and about already? Whatever the case though, there are always K-dramas to cater to your indoor days.


Crazy Love

Kim Jae Wook’s agency Management SOOP responded to the report and stated that the actor has received the offer to cast as the main lead for ‘crazy love’ and he is positively reviewing it. The upcoming romantic drama ‘crazy love’ is a story that revolves around the sweet and bloody versus crazy romance of the CEO of a company. 

This new romance drama crazy love k-drama will be a comeback drama for Kim Jae Wook on the small screen in over two years since “her private life” in 2019. this drama crazy love will be written by Kim Bo Gyeom.

Crazy Love

Fun to Watch

 So let us start the year with a super fun rom-com, where we are going to have a visual party with Kim Jae Wook and Krystal Jung playing the male and female lead! ‘Crazy Love’ is going to deliver us a boss-and-employee relationship, but of course, with a twist. Here, Kim Jae Wook is going to turn into the narcissistic Noh Go Jin – the CEO of GOTOP company and also the country’s top math instructor. 

After receiving a murder threat, however, he pretends to have amnesia, and his secretary Lee Shi Ah, aka Krystal Jung is dragged into the mess. Contrary to Noh Go Jin through, Shin Ah is quiet, hardworking, and so introverted that she does not have much of a presence. She prides herself, she is a transparent employee with the same level of presence in the company as air However, she decided to risk it all and pretend to be Go Jin’s fiancé after learning that he doesn’t have much time to live.

 Yes, it is a tale of a pretend relationship turned real, sprinkled with pretend amnesia. fun, hectic, and crazy just like its name. crazy love shall be an enjoyable k drama for your evenings.

Crazy Love


It is reported to have a total of 16 episodes which are going to be released on the auspicious occasion of valentine’s day 14th of February 2022. The content of the drama ‘crazy love’ is 15 plus which means people who are older than 15 years can watch this drama series. It is directed by Kim Jung Hyun and Kim Bo Gyeom is the screenwriter of this marvelous series. 

In one of the interviews, the crazy love cast had told a lot about the series and how excited they feel working in this series. Kim said that he is acting as a shrewd infamous instructor No-Go-Jin and the female cast Shin Ah is revengeful towards No Go-Jin and she is also acting as his fiancée. sweet yet dangerous romantic comedy. 

Crazy Love

They said that they will depict happy and sweet chemistry. This story is all about the famous instructor No Go-Jin representing hot crazy and Shin Ah is the poor fated secretary. It is a sweet and revengeful crazy romance. My k-drama fan friends are eagerly waiting for the crazy love release date. So  If you are looking forward to seeing a hot CEO and low-esteem secretary, then definitely crazy love should be added to your bucket list.

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