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Ghost Doctor

K-dramas stands for Korean dramas or k-dorama and a great example of this genre is Ghost Doctor. Doctor’ is one of the most anticipated k-dramas in 2022 and it is based on the fantasy/comedy/medical/supernatural genre. It has a rating of 8.7/10 on the IMDb and approximately 90% of the google users liked this show on TV. Ghost Doctor is a very popular k-drama which is directed by Boo Seong-Cheol. It is made under the production company named Bon Factory Worldwide. 

This mind-blowing k- drama is written by Kim Sun-soo. It has a mind-blowing cast of Kim bum playing ko Seung-tak, Jeong Ji-hoon playing Cha Young-min, uee playing Jang Se-Jin, and Son Na-Eun playing Oh Su-Jung. It has a got subtitles in languages such as English, Arabic, German, and many other 18 languages. It premiered on tvN and the date of the premiere was the 3rd of January 2022. 

Ghost Doctor was available on many streaming platforms such as TVING, iQiyi, Viu etc. you cannot find this much-anticipated television series on Netflix. Ghost doctor Netflix is still a dream for many Netflix users. Ghost doctor k-drama cast is one of the most dynamic casts which is taking this television series to a different height. It is quite evident by the fact that this television show bagged a rating of 9.7 just by the release of episode number 1.

Overview of Ghost Doctor

To start the list, let’s meet the iconic combination of Bi Rain and Kim Bum, Kim BUM IS A HEARTTHROB ALREADY. These two are going to be co-stars in the medical series ‘Ghost Doctor’. The drama starts with the genius surgeon Cha Young Min, who is all arrogant, selfish, and a gifted surgeon until he gets involved in this unexpected case. He soon finds himself possessing doctor Go Seung Tak- his complete opposite in both profession and personality, and gets entangled in quite the series of events. 

Ghost Doctor

We will also meet actress UEE, playing Young Mins’s ex-lover, and Apink’s Na-eun – a highly motivated emergency room intern. Just imagine a medical version of Ratatouille, where Bi Rain is Remy and Kim Bum got ordered around by a console tech thing instead of hair-pulling! That will probably ensure a whole bunch of comedy. 

All in all, though, Ghost Doctor k-drama will also deliver a lot of life lessons, as we are going to meet many “ghost doctors”, who have passed away yet still linger in the hospital, unable to leave their workplace and patients behind. The series is directed by the same man behind the legendary ‘The Heirs ‘, so that’s quite the comeback.

Introduction to Ghost Doctor

The release date of ghost drama was on the 3rd of January 2022 and already the k drama fans are going nuts about it. It was all about a very professional doctor’s spirit invading the other resident doctor’s body, the former being an expert in his field made the latter a champion and made him the talk of the town. 

The doctor who got possessed didn’t even see that coming and is totally astonished by the fact that he was so good with those extraordinary medical skills. Oh Soo Jung played by ( Son Naeun) has a bit of doubt about the whole incident and accepts the accidence to be something much related to the supernatural occurrences. 

Ghost Doctor

Ghost Doctor Episode 1

The story of episode one of Ghost Doctor is very amazing, it revolves around the new intern and a super skillful doctor, the skillful doctor used to hate the new intern as we never wanted to be a good doctor, he came in the field of medicine just by the pressure of his family, even though he was really good with his theoretical knowledge but as he was afraid of blood. 

He was not good with any kind of practicality. Due to which the senior doctor used to make a lot of fun of him and also embarrassed him from time to time. then all of a sudden the skillful doctor meet with an accident and was taken to the hospital, but in the hospital, all they had were the interns and none of them were ready to do the surgery for him, but the new unskilled yet smart intern did the surgery and how it all happened is the real core of the episode one.

Ghost Doctor Episodes 2 and 3.

The story of episodes 2nd and 3rd is all about solving the mystery of episode one, like how did the accident occur. why were none of the skilled doctors able to bring back the chairman of the hospital and how was the new intern who was totally unskilled able to do a surgery. 

Ghost Doctor

Ghost Doctor Episode 4

The story of episode 4 is has taken many turns, sometimes it will be funny, sometimes you try to search for the culprits. so this episode is all about finding the real culprit doctor who was responsible for the coma of the chairman. and how the unskilled intern copes up with being so professional.

Ghost Doctor Episode 5

The story of episode 5 Is all about the unskilled intern being popular in the hospital and he also gets his story out in a magazine, all his family members including his mother were very happy and in this episode, the intern solves the mystery of him being so professional. There are also many subplots which are running parallel to this story.

Ghost Doctor Episode 6

Ghost Doctor

The story of episode 6 is about how the unskilled doctor ties a bond with one of his friends to help save a lot of life.

Other episodes of Ghost Doctor season1 are yet to come, but this television series is a good mix of emotion and drama. Sometimes it is funny, sometimes it really very emotional. You will see a lot of emotional bonds in this series which could be cherished every now and then. The initial suspense is really thrilling and it binds the audiences to the show. It is very unrealistic yet teaches a lot and lot of things which while growing up we don’t even bother to ponder on. 

The ghostly experience in this series in an absolute delight. you will be able to explore the various sides of the medical system, the cruelty of the top authority, the revenge and venges. So over all it is a complete delight to watch and I would highly recommend you to go for this TV series.

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