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Jirisan is based on conversations with national park staff conducted by writer Kim Eun-hee. In an interview, Kim noted, “When I first started writing Jirisan, I didn’t intend for it to be about rangers. I was more interested in mountaineering stories. However, after interviewing them, I became more interested in their job.” Jirisan is also claimed to be similar to Cliff-hanger, a 1993 American film.

The arrival of Jirisan korean drama in 2021 is one of the most exciting developments. With Jun Ji Hyun from My Love from the Star and Ju Ji Hoon in the lead roles, the drama series has a star-studded cast. Jun Ji Hyun makes his comeback to the small screen in this drama. Her last series, Legend of the Blue Sea, aired four years ago. With the release of the first stills, the drama already appears to be interesting and fascinating.

Story of the Jirisan

Jirisan TV

It chronicles the story of Jirisan National Park rangers and other employees who attempt to rescue surviving and lost hikers by going into the mountain’s weird and undiscovered areas, set against the backdrop of Mount Jiri’s magnificent views.

Mount Jiri is surrounded by various perils and mysteries, as well as many unknown areas. Some were motivated by the desire to terminate their own lives, while others were motivated by the desire to kill someone and abandon them. In truth, the mountain park is surrounded by many Korean tales and stories.

Jirisan kdrama also serves as a marketing tool for the National Park as a tourist destination. Kwon Kyeong-Eop, the president of the park service, stated that the drama will ideally reach the public and raise awareness about the importance of national parks and national policies preservation and protection in Korea.

PLOT: What to expect?

Jirisan TV

The mystery surrounding the mountain’s frequent visitors, both those who come to kill and those who come to end their lives, is at the centre of the drama. It will show how rangers and staff collaborate on a daily basis in their search and rescue mission for missing trekkers and survivors. Jirisan will undoubtedly accept one for a thrilling adventure, as being a ranger and searching for individuals is not always easy.

When Joo Ji-hoon joins the Jirisan team, he portrays Kang Hyun-jo, a new ranger who is teamed with Jeon Ji-hyun. He was a captain in the army, but he has a nasty secret.

Jo Dae-jin is the role played by Sung Dong-il. He is the chief of the Jirisan National Park branch office and has worked as a park ranger for the most of his life. He has a strong feeling of responsibility for his job and for his employees, and he is unfailingly honest.

Oh Jung-se takes on the role of Jung Gu-young, a ranger. He lives by the mantra, “I have to take care of myself in order to take care of others,” since he is highly realistic. As a result, he arrives and departs from work on time, takes all of his vacation days, and vanishes as soon as someone says, “You’re dismissed.”

Exceptional cast of the Jirisan korean drama

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Seo Yi-kang is played by Jun Ji-hyun.

Kim Do-yeon in the role of Seo Yi-kang as a child

She is the park’s top ranger, dubbed “Mountain Ghost God” and “Devil Seo” by her coworkers. She naturally knows how to navigate the mountain routes. Her experience has equipped her with the ability to locate a lost hiker using only a single leaf or blade of grass. Despite this, she finds the mountain to be a despicable place, and she had wished to escape, but she stayed for her grandma. After meeting rookie ranger Hyun-jo, with whom she becomes a comrade and confidante, her pessimistic image of the mountain begins to shift.

Kang Hyun-jo is played by Ju Ji-hoon.

Jirisan TV

A graduate of the military academy who had held the rank of captain. He has a dark secret that he can’t reveal to anyone. He began to experience confusing images of fatalities occurring on Mount Jiri after witnessing an incident on the mountain.

 He becomes a ranger because he believes the mountain is pleading with him to save them. As he journeys through the mountains with senior ranger Yi-kang, the two become true partners, entrusting each other with their life. Later, he discovers something horrific concealed in Mount Jiri, and his perspective of the lovely mountains and the people who live there begins to shift.

Jo Dae-jin is played by Sung Dong-il.

He spent the majority of his life as a park ranger and is now the chief of the park’s branch office. He is unfailingly honest and has a strong feeling of responsibility for his work. He had failed to be there for his family when they needed him, despite his high regard as a ranger. His family abandons him, and he is left with only the mountain. As a result, he devotes his life to rescuing others and considers his subordinates’ lives to be his responsibility.

Oh Jung-se as Jung Goo-young

“I need to take care of myself before I can take care of others,” says this exceedingly realistic ranger. As a result, he takes sure to use all of his vacation days, completes his work on time, and leaves immediately before he’s fired. He has a nice heart and a strong bond with the other rangers beneath the surface.

  • As Park Il-hae, the ranger team leader, Cho Han-cheul ko provides support.
  • Kim Woong-soon, played by Jeon Seok-ho, is a police officer.
  • Kim Sol, a park volunteer, is played by Lee Ga-sub.
  • Lee Da-won, a novice ranger, is played by Go Min-si.
  • Lee Yang-sun is played by Joo Min-kyung [ko].
  • Lee Moon-ok, Yi-grandmother kang’s and proprietor of a restaurant in the village, is played by Kim Young-ok.
  • Se-wook is played by Yoon Ji-on.
  • Dr. Yoon Su-jin is played by Kim Gook-hee.
  • Son Seok-koo,

Army will be pleased to learn that Jin, the eldest member of the Korean boy band BTS, will be providing his voice to the Jirisan kdrama as part of the show’s OST. The unique song will be featured halfway through the drama, according to reports.

Jirisan Trailer & Jirisan Release Date

Jirisan TV

Jirisan trailer was released on 15th September 2021 and received a positive and heart-warming reaction from the audience. The series will consist of sixteen episodes, similar to any other Kdrama. Jirisan release date is confirmed for 23 October 2021

It will be available for international viewing on the tvN original network and the iQIYI platform. Except for these platforms one can watch the drama on respective sites also:

Jirisan watch online on Drama Cool

Jirisan watch online on Viki Rakuten

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