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Reflection of You

If Squid Game whetted your appetite for K-Dramas like Reflection of You, or if you’re a seasoned K-Drama lover, there’s a brand-new series set to premiere in the month of October. Here’s everything to know about the forthcoming Korean drama reflection of you.

Plot of Reflection of You

Reflection of You

Reflection of you korean drama is about passion, envy, fraud, and retaliation presented through the experiences of two women: one who has stayed faithful to her objective and the other who has lost her way after associating with her woman.

Hee-Joo (Ko Hyun-Jung) had a difficult and tumultuous childhood. She is currently a well-known artist and columnist. Her spouse is the hospital’s successor, and they have two children. Her family life appears to be idyllic, but Hee-Joo feels as if she is wasting her time. Hee-Joo meets a woman at that time. She’s destitute, just like Hee-Joo was when she was younger, but she still shines.

The trailer for reflection of you korean drama was recently released on Netflix. The voice of the cute and gorgeous Korean woman who appears to be very frustrated and merely thinking about the world of hell opens the trailer for this film, yet she is still alive.

Trailer of Reflection of You Netflix

Reflection of You

The reflection of you netflix trailer continues with a sequence of heinous incidents in her current life, as well as flashbacks to her previous life, in which she is completely dissatisfied and her previous life is actually. The young lady is an artist who paints. She has experienced a lot of adversity in her life.The woman is frustrated to the point of rage.

In her previous life, she had been subjected to a great deal of torture and harassment. The woman’s struggle begins on the outskirts, while a bright young woman she had befriended has emerged as a shell of her former self.

As a result of her aggravation and anxiety, the woman takes to the road with her handbag, sketching madly on a blank piece of paper. She’s looking for some respect from the woman she’s been fighting for. On the other hand, the lady makes it apparent that she has no regard for her. She is being treated cruelly by the other woman. The first season depicts a frustrated woman’s pain as well as her life’s ongoing battle. The second season is supposed to be quite entertaining.

Poster of Reflection of You

Reflection of You

The poster that was unveiled captivated the audience’s interest in the performance even more. Reflection of you  which featured a dramatic fight between two women.

The main poster displays a moment from the tragic tale that Jung Hee Joo (Go Hyun Jung) and Go Hae Won would tell (Shin Hyun Bin).

Jung Hee Joo, dressed elegantly in black, stands behind Go Hae Won, holding a frame. Go Hee Won, on the other hand, sits fiercely in front of Jung Hee Joo, clad in a white gown.They appear to be in danger of each other due to the hidden tension between them. Furthermore, the statement “the person I forgot, I wanted to forget” captivates interest. Reflection of you story revolves around two women: one who has been devoted to her desire and the other who has lost the brightness of life by meeting with her woman.

The drama’s themes of love, betrayal, corruption, and revenge will entice viewers.

Jung Hee Joo is played by Go Hyun Jung, the indestructible actress who is making her long-awaited comeback. She has a wonderful spouse and two children and is a successful artist and essay writer. Shin Hyun Bin, who starred in Hospital Playlist, will play Goo Hae Won. She’ll play the evil side of adolescence in the part.

Viewers were ecstatic when Shin Hyun Been was placed alongside an experienced actress like Ko Hyung Jung in the poster and teaser for the next Korean drama. SHB has gotten a lot of attention since her appearance in Hospital Playlist, so it’s great to see her get this starring role. In its plot, you will have the women front and centre.

However, when outstanding Kim Jae Young was cast as the male protagonist, the anticipation skyrocketed. The fact that this will be his second female-centric drama after Secret Boutique will add to the intrigue for viewers.

Actors of Reflection of You Kdrama

  • Go Hyun-jung portrays Jeong Hee-joo, a well-known painter and essayist
  • Goo Hae-won is played by Shin Hyun-been, an art instructor who lost his life due to a fateful meeting.
  • Seo Woo-jae, a sculptor, is played by Kim Jae-young.
  • Won-young Choi as Ahn Hyeon-seong Choi Won-young Choi Won-young Choi Won-young Choi W
  • Jeong Hee-husband, joo’s head of the Taerim Foundation’s hospital and middle school

Supporting cast of Reflection of You kdrama

Reflection of You
  • Ahn Ri-sa, Ahn Hyeon-seong, Jeong Hee-daughter joo’s is played by Kim Su-an.
  • Hee-pal joo’s Lee Dong-mi is played by Park Seong-yeon.
  • Lee Jung-eun, the museum director, is played by Kim Ho-jung.
  • Yoon Sang-ho, Kim Sang-alter ho’s ego, manages a bar.
  • Lee Joo-young is played by Shin Hye-ji.
  • Ahn Ri-classmate, sa’s a record queen who records everything on her phone.
  • Goo Jeong-yeon, Goo Hae-mother, won’s is played by Seo Jeong-yeon.
  • Lee Hyeong-gi is played by Hong Seo-joon.
  • He is a lawyer who exploited his wife to get control of the hospital foundation.
  • Seo Jin-won, who plays Lee Il-seong, was a professional billiards player in the past. He owns and operates a billiard room on a rare retail street.
  • Jung Hee Joo regards Yang Jo-ah as a tutor in whom he has great faith. The mother of Anriza.
  • Jung Seon-woo, Jung Hee-younger joo’s brother, is played by Shin Dong-wook, and he becomes connected with Goo Hae-won.

Reflection of You Release Date

Reflection of You

The first season of the K-drama series was launched on October 13th.  The series will also be accessible for streaming on Netflix around the world. Reflection of you netflix launch date is also the same as the main premiere date

The show will include 16 episodes in its initial season. A 16-episode season has become somewhat of a ritual in the Korean drama industry. According to reports, each event will last approximately 70 minutes, or 1 hour and 10 minutes. And will air at 22:30 KST on Wednesdays and Thursdays in the fall until Thursday, till the show concludes and the reflection of you release date for the last episode is 2nd December 2021.

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