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Inventing Anna

Netflix is well known for its many amazing true crime documentaries like Mindhunter and more. “Inventing Anna” is just another amazing addition to Netflix’s collection of true crime documentaries. It is based on the New York article “How Anna Delvey Tricked New York’s Party People” by Jessica Pressler.

Netflix Inventing Anna is an upcoming American drama mini web series, created and produced by Shonda Rhimes. Shonda Rhimes is also known for bringing us Scandal and Bridgerton. The director and executive producer of the first two episodes is David Frankel. Betsey Beers is also one of the producers. The production house that is working with this series is Shondaland.

Inventing Anna Plot

The actual story goes like this- Anna Delvey is a Russian origin, German woman who set herself up a fake identity of Anna Delvey when she moved to New York in 2013. She identified herself as a very rich German heiress but somehow never paid for herself. Instead, she got her friends to pay for her by making up various excuses like she forgot hr wallet or that she had her money stuck in overseas banks.

She got her friends to pay for her hotel stays, restaurants, shopping trips and many more such high expenses. Finally, one of her friends realised or at least doubted that she might actually be a con woman who has been tricking all her high class friends into paying her expenses. 

Inventing Anna Trailer

Inventing Anna

The Inventing Anna Trailer shows us that we are going to see the story from a journalist’s perspective who finds out the truth about “Anna Delvey”. We see Delvey living the riches and enjoying a lavish lifestyle without a care in the world till she gets arrested and charged with larceny and theft of services. She was then imprisoned till she got deported back to Germany.

The journalist, Vivian follows various trails to find out the story and put the story into words about how she managed to find her way up to New York’s high class society, make great acquaintances out of them and regularly get them to take up her expenses.

Inventing Anna Cast

We will get to see Julia Garner as Anna Delvey, who is known for her role as Terra in another true crime series by Netflix, Dirty John and Ruth in the Netflix series Ozark. Vivian, the journalist is played by Anna Chlumsky (My Girl). Netflix Inventing Anna will also bring us Katie Lowes (Scandal) as Rachel, Laverne Cox (Orange is the New Black) as Kacy Duke, Alexis Floyd (The Bold Type) as Neff, Arian Moayed (Succession) as Todd, Ander Holm (Workaholics) as Jack, Anna Deavere Smith (Nurse Jackie) as Maud, Jeff Perry (Grey’s Anatomy) as Lou, Terry Kinney (Oz) as Barry and Jennifer Esposito (Blue Bloods) as Talia Mallay.

Inventing Anna Release Date

Inventing Anna

Inventing Anna Netflix is set to be released on 11th February, 2022.

Taking Netflix’s history of true crime documentaries, web series and movies, into consideration, the viewers can expect a good show. The cast also looks quite promising, with the kind of work that they have done and are known for. The story is a wonderful choice too. This is for sure coming February but the boom it has already created among the fans is unexpected. Everyone is really on their toes to watch this webseries Inventing Anna on Netflix.

Hopefully, Inventing Anna will stand up to the viewers’ expectations and not disappoint them. Even the critics have been super excited along with the viewers because of the hype, everyone is sure about the Inventing Anna imdb ratings are gonna be very high and it is tough to imagine anything below 7.

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