Pam and Tommy: Know Everything about the Great Web-series

Pam and Tommy

Recently Hulu released the trailer of biographical miniseries Pam and Tommy based on famous actress Pamela Anderson and her drummer ex-husband Tommy Lee. This Pam and Tommy Hulu series has Craig Gillespie as director and Robert D. Siegel as writer. The filming began on April 5, 2021 in and finished on July 30, 2021.

This American biographical drama is announced to have eight episodes and the scheduled Pam and Tommy release date is February 2, 2022 with three episodes on Hulu for the US audience and Disney+ for international audience.  

Pam and Tommy Cast:

The main cast for Pam and Tommy has the famous English actress and model Lily James portraying the 90s heart throb Pamela Anderson. As for the character of Anderson’s drummer husband Tommy Lee, we shall be able to see MCU fame Sebastian Stan. Apart from them the cast also includes Seth Rogen as Rand Gauthier, Taylor Schilling playing Erica Gauthier, Nick Offerman in the role of Uncle Miltie. The cast also include actors like Pepi Sonuga, Andrew Dice Clay, Mozhan Marnò and many more in various roles.  

 Pam and Tommy

Pam and Tommy trailer:

Earlier this year the official trailer dropped and created a buzz. The transformations in the trailer seem almost unreal for both Lilly James and Sebastian Stan justify their characters. From the trailer we get to know that the series would explore the chaotic relation between Anderson and Lee in detail and also show the beginning of the sex tape drama.

The 8 episode long series Pam and Tommy seems to have done an amazing job with recreating the 90s atmosphere and aesthetics. We can also get a glimpse of James almost perfectly pulling the iconic red swimsuit look of the Baywatch actress. Stan also looks irrecognisable as the Mötley Crüe drummer.

The real story behind world’s first viral celebrity sex tape:

 Pam and Tommy

The couple created a buzz from the very beginning. Anderson and Lee met each other for the first time on New Year’s Eve of 1994. Soon they would go on to tie the knot on a Cancun beach even though they hardly spent more than 96 hours with each other in two months. The wedding caught people’s attention for the unconventionality. Anderson and Lee got married in bikini and shorts respectively.

To commemorate the wedding, they both got each other’s name tattooed on their ring fingers. For most of the people, including Anderson’s mother who only got to know of this through newspapers, the wedding came as a shock. It is rumoured that they decided to film the latter leaked sex tape during their honeymoon. The tape was then kept safely in a safe. 

 Pam and Tommy

In later times the couple reportedly went into some argument with their electrician Rand Gauthier regarding monetary problems. Apparently Gauthier was fired and owed money which the couple refused to pay and so he decided to break into and steal money from the couple. He emptied the safe that contained money and other valuables along with a VHS copy of the video. Later when Gauthier found out what the video was about, he decided to use it for money.

Being a former adult movie star, he did not have much problem to exploit his contacts to make copies of the video and distribute it until it was all over the internet. Later when Anderson and Lee got to know of this, they tried to stop the video from spreading but in vain. They also brought Internet Entertainment Group, one of the companies responsible for the sales of the video to court for breach of privacy. The couple would later file for divorce in 1998 on the claims of Lee abusing Anderson for which he had to spend some time in jail. The series Pam and Tommy is based upon this chaotic couple.

 Pam and Tommy

Anderson and Lee on Pam and Tommy:

Anderson and Lee’s leaked tape is considered as the first celebrity sex tape that created whirlwind in their lives. This case was a serious and awful case of breach of privacy and the series is supposed to project it. The James and Stan starrer series tries to depict the sensitivity of the issue of privacy and the chaos it created in the lives of the two people. It is expected that the makers would deal with the subject responsibly.

Sebastian Stan is reported to have contacted Tommy Lee for the preparation of the character he is going to play. Lee apparently did not mind the concept and was okay with people knowing about the incident. He also thinks that the way the series portrays the incidents are not entirely same as things happened as in reality it was much more chaotic.

On the other hand Lily James has opened up about trying to reach out to Pamela Anderson but in vein. Anderson has not made any comments on the series. It is also rumored that Anderson’s close friends and relatives are not that happy about the series as they feel this is just media houses exploiting Anderson’s tragedy for personal gain.  

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