The 355: Know Everything About the Great Movie

The 355

Directed by Simon Kinberg, The 355 is an American spy film starring Jessica Chastain, Fan Bingbing, Penelope Cruz, Diane Kruger, and Lupita Nyong’o

The 355 Cast

The 355 cast includes the following:

  • Jessica Chastain (as Mason “Mace” Browne- CIA officer)
  • Penélope Cruz (as Graciela Rivera- psychologist and DNI agent)
  • Fan Bingbing (as Lin mi Sheng- MSS agent)
  • Diane Kruger (as Marie Schmidt- a rival German BND agent)
  • Lupita Nyong’o (as Khadijah Adiyeme- a former MI6 agent)
  • Sebastian Stan (as Nick Fowler- a CIA officer as Mace’s colleague)
  • Jason Flemyng (as Elijah Clarke- a powerful crime lord)
  • Édgar Ramírez (as Luis Rojas- a DNI agent)
  • Leo Staar (as Grady- a CIA agent)
  • John Douglas Thompson (as Larry Marks- Mace and Nick’s superior at the CIA)
  • Sylvester Groth (as Jonas Muller- Marie’s superior at the BND)
  • Emilio Insolera (as Giovanni Lupo- a professional hacker)
  • Jason Wong (as Stevens)
  • Hiten Patel (as Ahmed-Imam)
  • Oleg Kricunov (as Pyotr Khasanov)

The 355 trailer

The 355 film

The 355

The first trailer came on 6 October 2020 and the second one on 8 October 2021. 

The trailer shows two CIA agents, Mace (Jessica Chastain) and Nick Fowler (Sebastian Stan) talking about the first female spy of George Washington during the revolution, who was called agent 355 because they didn’t intend on revealing her actual name to the world., but now her legacy lives on. They are the top agents from around the world- Mace from America, Lupita Nyong’o from Britain, Marie Schmidt from Germany, Graciela Rivera from Colombia, Lin Mi Sheng from China and they join forces to save the world from WW3.

They put themselves in danger so that others are not. They work together. But they have got their own families and they feel they cannot do this. Now, when their families’ lives are put on the line, they will give their everything to succeed in the mission.

The 355 Release Date

The 355 was theatrically released by Universal Pictures in the US on January 7, 2022. Originally, it was scheduled to be released on January 15, 2021, but was delayed to January 14, 2021, owing to the coronavirus pandemic. Then, it got preponed to January 7, 2022. It will be streaming on Peacock after 45 days of its theatrical release.

The 355 Rating

The 355

The IMDb rating of The 355 is 4.8/10. On Rotten Tomatoes, it had a score of 25% on the Tomatometer. It had a Metascore of 40%.

It received a lot of mixed reviews. According to users, the director is terrible with fight sequences, for some people the plot and the lead role didn’t fit in right. 

The 355 Explained

The 355 movie

In Colombia, a drug lord presents criminal mastermind Elijah Clarke with a decryption program that can transverse any digital system on Earth. Then, Clarke, as any evil role, kills the drug lord after cross-checking the drive. In the chaos, DNI agent Luis Rojas gets her hands on the device. CIA officer Mace is assigned to purchase the drive from Rojas. As she heads to Paris with her old-time colleague Nick Fowler, with whom she is also in a relationship. However, the deal goes in the wrong direction when the rival German BND agent Marie Schmidt swipes the bag holding the money. Now, starts the chase-action of the film.

Mace later learns that Nick is found dead in the alley. Now Mace has to get the drive by any means. Mace then travels to London to recruit an old-time friend, retired British MI-6 officer Khadijah Adiyeme, as she needs help. Meanwhile, Rojas arranges to hand the drive over to Graciela Rivera, a DNI psychologist with no field experience.

Now, Mace and Khadijah go on a chase for Luis and Graciela and kill Luis, who before dying gives a phone to Graciela, which only she can open that tracks the device. Now, both Mace and Marie chase the thief and Marie takes Graciela to a safe house. When Mace and Khadijah arrive, they all want the drive and ended up working together for the drive.

The 355

These four-track the thief to Morocco and take on a handful of mercenaries before handing over the drive to Marks. While celebrating over drinks at a grand party, plane crashes are heard over, and there is a sudden power outage in the cities—indicating the drive is in terrorists’ hands. They return to the safe house and end up finding that Marks is dead. After escaping from CIA agents, the four women realize that they have been calculatedly framed for Marks’ murder and the theft of death.

Later, when interrogation is done, the thief reveals that the recent incidents are part of a big demonstration for the illegal auction to be held in the black market. They later come to know, that not only Nick is alive, but he is also the actual evil planner and Clarke’s mole in the CIA. The group fails to prevent him from obtaining the device, but a mysterious Chinese woman, Lin Mi Sheng, helps them to get away from the auction. She explains that the drive was used just as bait to recognize the actual criminals in the auction by her agency. She unveils that she took the device from Nick.

Now, Nick is beaten by Clarke’s men, and he has held the women’s families as hostages. Now, when their families are on the line, they try hard to escape the situation, but their families are executed in front of them on camera. Lin then agrees to give away the device in return asks to spare Graciela’s family. Meanwhile, the other women overcome their grief of losing their families to realize that Lin is transferring her location via a camera in her glasses. The women rescue Lin, shoot Nick and destroy the drive before getting arrested.

Two months later, Nick, now promoted to a senior rank in the CIA for killing Clarke, returns home to meet up with Mace and the rest of the group waiting for him. He passes out from a drug mixed in his drink and has to now repent for his sins for all his life in a foreign prison. Now, the women go their separate ways but suspect that they will somehow reunite to fight the corruption of their other agencies. 

The 355


The 355 gathered a lot of unfavored responses from critics. Go ahead and check out in theatres and will be later streaming on Peacock, along with being rented on platforms such as YouTube, Google Play, iTunes, and more.

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