Too Hot to Handle: Know Everything About the Exciting Season 3 of the Show

Too Hot to Handle

Things are starting to get steamy with the newly released ‘Too Hot to Handle’ Season 3. But, don’t worry, you won’t miss out on anything! Everything you can possibly know about this entertaining show is right here. So, let’s jump right in!

What’s It About? 

‘Too Hot to Handle’ is a British reality dating game show created and developed by Charlie Bennett and Laura Gibson. It is produced by Fremantle production company Talkback and Thames. With the first season released on Netflix on April 17, 2020, this show was inspired by “The Contest” episode of the NBC sitcom Seinfeld.

The show Too Hot to Handle is hosted by Lana, a cone-shaped virtual assistant. It revolves around ten adults who cannot establish long-lasting relations and only mainly engage in flings. They live together in a house for a duration of 4 weeks and must go through various workshops.

However, the most challenging part for them is the rules which forbid them from kissing, sexual contact, or self-gratification. So, every time a rule is broken, the contestants lose money from the grand prize of $ 100,000, which is the amount they start with. 

Each season of Too Hot to Handle starts with ten new contestants, although occasionally new additions join throughout. Moreover, if the contestants are unable to build connections in the house or commit entirely to the process, they are sometimes kicked out of the show. 

Too Hot to Handle

The Most- Awaited Season 3 of Too Hot to Handle

After the first two successful seasons of Too Hot to Handle, the Netflix reality show is back with another batch of smoking hot singles. But wait! This time they were tricked into going on a fun tropical gateway to Turks and Caicos, only for Lana to show up and burst their fantasy bubbles. 

Just like the previous seasons, the contestants have to adhere to the same rules. As for the prize money, it’s doubled this time to a whopping $200,000 and the winner takes it all. 

The question is, will they be able to control their temptations and keep their hands to themselves? 

Who Are the Hot Ones This Season? 

Too Hot to Handle


Beaux is a 24-year-old legal secretary from the UK. She was born in London and resides in Kent. With her Essex glamour, she loves to pull out all the stops to grab a man’s attention and make sure all eyes are on her. She’s had so many boyfriends and if they can’t listen to her banter, it’s goodbye forever. Beaux’s type of guy is someone who is charismatic and can keep her well entertained. As a person, she is honest and always straight to the point. Well, how will she react when Lana discloses herself and her exact intentions in Too Hot to Handle? 


Georgia, a 26-year-old student midwife from Australia is living the single dream.  She gets bored quite easily and moves on from one man in a jiffy. There is nothing more she adores doing than traveling the world where she has left a trace of broken hearts behind her. Georgia loves a bad boy and she falls for anyone with features of her celebrity crush Justin Bieber. So, if you are, blond, toned, and tattooed, be on your watch for this heartbreaker of Too Hot to Handle.


Harry is a 29-year-old tree surgeon from the UK.  Living like a big fish in a small pond, he is forced to swim out of Middlesbrough and cast his net wider. He proclaims to be Harry Styles’s twin and uses his fun-loving party boy charms to get the ladies around the globe from Thailand to Dubai. Harry has an infectious laugh and personality that makes him the ultimate secret player. However, can he keep it under control in Lana’s little retreat in Too Hot to Handle? 

Too Hot to Handle


Holly is a 23-year-old Canadian psychology student and model from Colorado. She studies hard and parties even harder at the University of Colorado. As a person, she is self-confident and a hard worker. She finds relationships boring which explains her big dream of having boyfriends all over the world. Holly isn’t planning to settle down any time, so if it ever crosses your mind, count her out in Too Hot to Handle. 


Physical Therapist Izzy is a 22-year-old from Manchester, UK. This gal went to boarding school and was regularly in trouble for sneaking off to meet the boys. When it comes to boys and hockey, she is a competitive player, so beware, she gets what she wants. With her eyes carefully set on the prize, it is her mission to get whatever and whoever her heart desires. Izzy’s love life is a rollercoaster ride, so guys, you are in for a crazy ride while watching Too Hot to Handle! 


Jaz is a 25-year-old fashion designer, model, and entrepreneur from Virginia. She is always dressed whether it’s for shopping or hitting the dance floor. Serious relationships are not her cup of tea, she is more into ‘situationships’. Jaz’s father was in the Air Force, so yes, she does claim to be a ‘military brat’. You will find pleasing her difficult in Too Hot to Handle because her standards are high and if you don’t meet them, she will be on her way to the next one. 

Too Hot to Handle


Nathan, a 24-year-old model is Cape Town’s most infamous party animal. At every event he attends, you will find him sweeping the girls right off their feet. He is a fun-loving and free spirit with the gift of talking any girl into his bed. This international playboy is energetic and has a short attention span, so he gets bored quickly. Nathan loves his single life so don’t think he will give up on it anytime soon.  Wait, maybe if Lana helps. 


This Hawaiian six-foot-five 29-year-old model/actor loves the outdoor and the ladies.  If you are a lady in Hawaii, Patrick is there to help you fulfill your holiday romantic fantasies. This is inclusive of his night under the stars specialty where the girls have an unforgettable dream. But shoot, like a shooting star he disappears before you even know. He has a degree in Botany and strongly believes that like every flower is unique, so are the ladies. 


Meet Stevan, a combination of Evan (the name his dad wanted) and Steve (his mum wanted this). He is a 26-year-old model from Los Angeles. This tattooed model knows how to make heads turn. With a perfect blend of bad boy looks and attitude, he has won the attention of women all over the city of sin.  He doesn’t want to stop there so now he is willing to play in the international market. Stevan started young as a player having won the title ‘The Biggest Flirt’ at high school. 


Truth is a 23-year-old basketball scholar and criminology student from Texas. He is a tall and well build athletic figure with a charming smile. Let’s be honest here, who wouldn’t fall for Truth?  When it comes to high scores, he can do it on and off the court. Now being a star player, Lana has a brand-new game in store for him. Will he be able to score in this one? 

You have just met the hotties this season! It sure is going to get steamy, so get ready to watch this exciting new season of ‘Too Hot to Handle’. 

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