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Spanish series

Spanish series and tv shows have been around for a long time, like many other series of other languages but recently came to gain a lot more popularity. It increased even more after Spanish webseries like Money Heist (La Casa de Papel) (The House of Paper), Elite and more, after which people started to actually notice the series and movies in the language. Money Heist became an instant hit on Netflix after which many series in the language started getting explored. Here is a list of 10 best Spanish webseries Netflix. 

La Casa de Papel (Money Heist): 

TheSpanish series is a heist crime drama. It is set in Madrid, where a mystery guy known as the “Professor” organises a gang of eight people who use city names as aliases to carry out an audacious scheme that entails breaking into the Royal Mint of Spain and fleeing with €984 million. 

Upon taking 67 people prisoner inside the Mint, the squad intends to stay for 11 days to print money while dealing with special police forces. Following the original robbery, the members of the organisation are forced to come out of the shadows and organize for a second heist, this time on the Bank of Spain, while dealing with hostages and police forces. 


The plot of this Spanish series centres around a rich tequila tycoon and his household in the scandal-plagued world of Mexico’s corporate aristocracy.

Élite (Elite): 

Spanish series

It is a Spanish series, teen drama thriller. The series takes place in Las Encinas, a fictitious exclusive secondary school, and centres around the relationships of three working-class teenage pupils who attend the school on scholarship and their wealthier classmates. Elite delves into teen drama concepts and themes, yet it also includes more progressive problems and different sides to its stereotypes. 

These cover a wide range of sexual topics. The sitcom follows a flash-forward plot with a mysterious component, with each season taking place in two realities.

Nailed It! Mexico: 

This Spanish series netflix is a spin-off of the American show, Nailed it! In the vein of reality television, the show is a reality bake-off competition. Three amateur bakers compete to recreate intricate cakes and confectionery in attempt to win a monetary reward of 200,000 pesos and a “Nailed It!” trophy.

La Casa de las Flores (The House of Flowers): 

The Spanish series La Casa de las Flores (The House of Flowers) was created by Manolo Caro. It is a Mexican black comedy-drama television series for Netflix. It tells the storey of a chaotic upper-class Mexican family who owns both a prestigious floristry business and a failed cabaret named ‘The House of Flowers.’

Control Z: 

Spanish series

In this Spanish series a hacker reveals a significant secret of one of the kids at an assembly at Colegio Nacional (National School). This creates alarm and humiliates a transgender student who is not out. The hacker continues to divulge students’ secrets, causing many students to turn on each other. Sofa Herrera, an introverted adolescent, tries to figure out who this hacker is before the dirt about her is made public.


Ingobernable is a Spanish series which is political drama television series that airs on Netflix and stars Kate del Castillo. Emilia Urquiza, the fictional First Lady of Mexico, is played by Del Castillo, while Diego Nava, the fictional President of Mexico, is played by Erik Hayser. The presidential couple strives for internal peace in their nation, but this is made more difficult by unforeseen challenges and the emergence of a major scandal. 

The story of this Spanish series centres around the assassination of Mexico’s president, Diego Nava Martinez (Erik Hayser). In an aggressive outburst on the night of his death, he beats his wife, Emilia Urquiza (Kate del Castillo). The two fight, and Emilia is subsequently knocked out. When she wakes up, Diego’s bleeding body has been thrown out the balcony of their hotel room. She’s holding a gun she levelled at him in the middle of their fight, despite having kept it in the bedroom. 

This causes her to suspect that someone else entered the room to murder Diego and then put her up to take the fall. As a result, she flees the police. Emilia Urquiza is Mexico’s first lady, and she has ambitious goals to change the country’s conditions as a result of her commitment to fighting for peace. 

As Emilia starts losing belief in her spouse, President Diego Nava, she finds herself at a crossroads and must find a way to deal with a major difficulty while also discovering the truth.

La Reina del Flow (The Queen of Flow): 

Spanish series

in this Spanish series Yeimy Montoya (Carolina Ramrez) is a humble and brilliant 16-year-old fan of urban music who aspires to be the best singer in the artistic field. But her dream is cut short when she becomes entangled in a lie committed by the person she trusted the most, and she is sentenced to prison in New York City after having lost her family on the instructions of a powerful narco. 

Her single objective from then on is to exact vengeance on all those who have destroyed her dreams and the lives of her kin. She transforms into a tough, cunning individual who thinks quickly and acts stealthily. She disguises herself in order to infiltrate her adversaries’ worlds and annihilate them one by one. 

The second season of this Spanish series follows Yeimy Montoya (Carolina Ramrez), who, after attaining recognition and success in music, chooses to give herself a chance in romance with Juancho Mesa (Andrés Sandoval), without knowing that an enemy who knows her and all of her loved ones will appear soon in her life. In the meantime, Carlos Cruz/Charly Flow (Carlos Torres) builds a case to be released from prison.

Las Chicas del Cable (Cable Girls): 

In 1928, a contemporary telecommunications business is established in Madrid. The Spanish series depicts how four young women’s lives change after they commence work for this company, that provides them with respectable compensation and some independence. Each lady has a distinct purpose for joining the organisation: Alba Romero, who uses the alias Lidia Aguilar to disguise her identity, wants to work at the telecommunications company to finish a task. 

Ángeles Vidal is a young mother who works to support her family and is the telecoms company’s most experienced switchboard operator. Carlota Senillosa wants to work at the telecommunications firm to get away from her dominating father and her strict high class life, while Marga Suarez joins to start a new chapter in her life. 

The four ladies create a tight connection and negotiate their sentimental lives as well as their work together. The Spanish series women’s rights in a male-dominated society.

Galerías Velvet (Velvet): 

Spanish series

It’s a feel-good, engaging Spanish narrative about a fashion firm in Madrid in the late 1950s that’s the setting for money, fashion, drama, entanglements, love, jealousies, schemes, counter-machinations, and plots among its owners, customers, and residential employees. Alberto (Miguel ngel Silvestre) has been left by his late father to handle Velvet, one of Spain’s most prominent fashion boutiques. 

Velvet is a television series in Spain. It takes place in the 1950s and 1960s and features magnificent attire and cars from that era. The major plot of the show is around the business decisions regarding the future of the fashion company, as well as the torrid love storey of Alberto, the heir of Galeras Velvet, and Ana (Paula Echevarra), who works as a seamstress there.

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