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Series American Vandal

Fret not, this article will definitely make you go back and stream this hilariously- serious series American Vandal right away.

Netflix is the most popular, sensational and ideal OTT platform all over the world at present. If you have never streamed any Netflix series till date, then you might as well get on your spaceship and go back to your home planet. Netflix is by far one of the most talked about topics in Gen-z.

 It has a plethora of series, movies and documentaries to choose from, with a wide range of genres and has something for every age group. The best thing about this OTT platform is that it never lets you get bored. The subscription and device sharing feature has made it all the more appealing. With such a vast number of varieties you will run into so many unexpected contents. Hence, it is not strange or uncanny to come across peculiar or mind-boggling shows or films while looking for your next stream. 

Series American Vandal

As mentioned Netflix is an awesome entertainment platform, it also provides a wide range of documentaries and shows that are actually educational and can offer you knowledge on rare and interesting subjects. As Netflix is an international platform, it covers shows from all over the world making it so diverse. It is almost impossible to watch and finish every show that is available on Netflix. Netflix is truly unmatched.

 Teen drama is a very popular and in-demand genre on Netflix these days. Numerous teen drama series are released every year. You can often if not always, find these teen dramas blended with some other genres to make them even more captivating and buyable. Trinkets, Sex Education, Stranger Things, Vampire Diaries, The Society, Riverdale and others would be good examples of such genre blends. The series American Vandal is another such series which we are going to talk about in detail.

The Series American Vandal

Series American Vandal

If you did not know about this series yet, congratulations, you are going to learn something very unexpected. As the name might suggest, it is a crime-based teen drama about a high school and the vandalism that took place. But is that all ? Of course, not.

The series American Vandal is a mockumentary, teen-drama series. Wondering what is a mockumentary?

To put it in most simple words it is a fusion of mock and documentary. A show, programme or movie whose objective is to satirize its subject which is often a serious one.

 The series American Vandal is basically, a parody that inflicts fun upon true crime series, such as ‘Making A Murderer’. The show we are talking about premiered for the first time in 2017 and the series American Vandal season 2 came out the next year. But, unfortunately, it was announced by Netflix that they have canceled the show after only two seasons.

American Vandal Season 1

Series American Vandal

American Vandal Plot:

The first season of the series American Vandal is about the backwash of an expensive prank on 27 vehicles of the school faculty. The cars were vandalized with mysterious phallic graffiti images. A senior class fellow from the school, Dylan Maxwell is accused of the crime. 

The guy’s funny and weird reputation added to the accusation. As expected of any school, Dylan is expelled from the school. Dylan, however, denies the accusation. Hence, to know the truth and prove Dylan innocent, an investigation is set in motion by one of the sophomore year students, Peter Maldonado with the help of his friend Sam Ecklund. As they launch the investigation they start making a documentary on this investigation.

Series American Vandal Main Characters

Series American Vandal
  • Peter Maldonado : Peter is a sophomore year student, also the co-anchor of Hanover High School’s morning show. Try to make a documentary as he investigates a crime on the school campus.
  • Sam Ecklund : Peter’s best friend, tries to assist Peter in his investigation and the documentary making.
  • Dylan Maxwell : The major suspect of the vandalism prank.

The Series American Vandal Season 2


The writers decided to drop the ‘phallic-phase’ of season 1 and use it to build up more crime investigation documentaries in season 2. But, just to give you a heads up, American Vandal season 2 is much more mysterious, dark and of course, satirical. The ‘p-word’ fun continues but in a totally different context. 

The episode begins with a ‘poop-emergency’, in St. Bernadine High. 

I know it needs some explanation. According to the story, someone tinkered with the cafetaria lemonade which led to the browning situation all over the campus. Yes, literally all over. Gross, I know. But as the show suggests, the whole idea behind such a plot line is the fact that ‘poop is funny’. The two investigators from season one continue to appear in the 2nd season as well. 

Their primary suspect is Kevin McClain. The entire incident came to be called ‘the Brown out’. This incident led to the emergence of two other similar cases. As the investigation goes on, an instagram account provokes and taunts the school, while giving a heads up about more such felonies.

The main characters of the series American Vandal in season 2 remain Peter and Sam. Although with the recurrence of numerous other characters the show has picked up a big cast.

Cast (Season 1 & 2)

The major appearances or the main characters in bothe the seasons were played by the following actors:

  • Tyler Alvarez: Peter Maldonado
  • Griffin Gluck: Sam Ecklund
  • Jimmy Tatro: Dylan Maxwell
  • Travis Tope: Kevin McClain

Unlike other Netflix teen dramas, where the high school teen characters look and sound nothing like teenagers, the cast of the series American Vandal was actually carefully casted. These minute details in the show have made it more convincing and binge-worthy. The type of humor generated in the minds of the audience is just so hilarious. 

The major feature in the documentary is the closeness of the event developments to the True Crime Show ‘Making a Murderer’. The series American Vandal convinced a lot of people with its detailed making and excellent performance, that it was a true story. Is American Vandal true story ? No, it is not.

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